We gave new dimension of usability to classic fire extinguisher. ​​

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Automatic fire extinguisher is used in indoor areas for extinguishing initial fires types A, B and F. It is suitable for installation in boiler rooms, workshops, for protection of certain sets of machines as well as other areas exposed by burning fats, oils or oil.


  • Automatic usage.

  • Usage in closed spaces.

  • Easy to assemble or dismantle.

  • 2-year warranty 

  • 20-years life expectancy, if properly maintaned.

  • Effective against all types of fires (A, B and F).

  • Human and enviromentaly friendly (without halons).

  • No false alarms. activates only when the temperature rises.

  • Adjustable activation temperature.

  • When extinguishing, it does not cause additional damage, the remaining liquid can be wiped off.

  • Slovenian product.


When the fire breaks out comes to a rapid increase of temperature. The ampoule on the sprinkler nozzle falls apart and pressure in tank thought nozzles steadily begins to spread out the extinguishing liquid on the fire.

The place of installation of automatic fire extinguisher must be available for maintenance and control pressure gauge.

Different activation temperatures

Our automatic fire extinguishers are available in different volumes (2,4,6 or 12L) and with different activation temperatures (from 57° to 182°C), depending on your requirements.

Installation and extinguishing 

All variants of automatic extinguishers use the same type of nozzles. When the extinguisher activates, the nozzle spray is shaped like a parabola. To achieve maximum coverage of 7 m², the extinguisher must be placed at a height of 3 meters or more. In case of lower installation, the coverage area reduces.

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Possibility of pipe distribution

Automatic fire extinguishers offer the option of a hose distribution for harder-to-reach extinguishing areas.

Watch our product demo:


Presentation of the extinguisher. 

B-12 extinguishing

Effective extinguishing with B-12 extinguisher.

B-6 extinguishing

Effective extinguishing with B-6 extinguisher..


Extinguisher type: B2

Volume: 2L

Dimensions:   380x110 mm

Weight: 4,0 kg



Extinguisher type:: B4

Volume: 4L

Dimensions:  430x140 mm

Weight: 7,0 kg 




Extinguisher type:: B6

Volume: 6L

Dimensions: 360x218 mm

Weight: 12,8 kg



Extinguisher type:: B12

Volume: 12L

Dimensions: 350x300 mm

Weight: 25,7 kg


Ensure safety of your property with Bonpet automatic fire extinguishers.

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