With the “throw and extinguish” way we have added a new dimension of convenience and safety. .

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Bonpet grenades are used for extinguishing fires of classes A, B and F, in smaller concealed places, where with throwing the grenade we can actually extinguish the fire from a distance. Grenade is the most practical fire extinguishing product, which can be attached to an accessible and frequent enough place. It can be used by security guards on longer security patrol..


  • Can be thrown in to the source of the fire.

  • No damage during extinguishing and easy to clean after.

  • 5-years product life expectancy.

  • 2-years warranty.

  • No maintenances required.

  • Effective against all fire types ( A, B and F).

  • Human and environment friendly.

  • Easy to assemble or dismantle.

  • Aesthetic look.

  • Slovenian (EU) product.


The grenade is thrown in to the source of a fire..


Not required.


Set fire extinguishing grenade Bonpet consists of:

  • specially designed and shaped plastic ampoule,

  • Bonpet extinguishing liquid (500 ml),

  • carrier or housing for mounting.


Watch product demo:​

Extinguishing presentation

Watch presentation of Bonpet grenade.

"Take and throw" principal

See how easy it is with Bonpet grenade.

Type A fire extinguishing

Type A fire extinguishing with Bonpet grenade. 

Technical characteristics

Dimensions: 200 × 60 mm
Weight: 600 g
Volume: 500 ml
Content: 500 ml of Bonpet liquid

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