The most effective product for extinguishing a fire in small and indoor areas without being constantly present and a fire extinguishing product with an esthetic appearance.

Yes, I want to protect my home from fire

Bonpet automatic fire extinguishing ampoule is the most effective product for extinguishing fire in a small and indoor areas without being constantly present and a fire extinguishing product with an aesthetic appearance. Indispensable everywhere you assume that the temperature will rise rapidly, when the fire starts (ceiling or closed wall to the potential location for a fire). The best effect for extinguishing fires of class A is when ampoule covers up to 16 m3 closed space per unit, depending of fire protection demands. Suitable for extinguishing fires of classes A, B, C and F..


  • Automatic operation without human presence.
  • Indoor use.
  • It is easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • 10-year life expectancy. 
  • 10-year warranty.
  • Maintenance is not required.
  • Effective on all types of Class A, B and F fires.
  • Contains human and environmentally friendly extinguishing agent (halon-free).
  • It can be thrown into the source of the fire.
  • Made in Slovenia (EU).

4 more advantages highlighted by our users: 

  • There are no false alarms, it is activated only when the temperature rises.
  • When extinguishing, it does not cause additional damage, the remaining liquid can be wiped off.
  • It has an aesthetic appearance.
  • Additional discounts on facility insurance with certain insurance companies.

The only fire extinguisher that puts out the fire without your presence

When you install it in your kitchen, boiler room, boat or elsewhere, it becomes part of you. Namely, it monitors whether a fire has started in the room 24 hours a day. In case of temperature rise, it activates automatically and extinguishes the initial fire.


When a fire breaks out in a small enclosed area and the temperature rises, the extinguishing liquid simultaneously begins to heat and as a result, the liquid starts to extend in the glass ampoule. When the temperature of the extinguishing liquid is approximately 85°C ± 5°C the glass breaks into pieces which allows the liquid to drop into the area, where the endothermic process begins. It takes the energy from the fire and starts to cool the area. As a side product of this endothermic reaction, small quantities of nitrogen and carbon dioxide are released. Their function is to prevent the entrance of oxygen to the burning area. Remaining components that do not decay, form a protective layer over the surface of the extinguishing liquid, which prevents re-ignition..

 Three ways to use: 

  • automatically
  • by throwing into the wall or ceiling (above the fire) so that the liquid is dispersed over the burning place.
  • as a mixture for extinguishing (the contents of the ampoule mixed in a bucket of water)

Maintenance ​

Not needed. 


Set of Bonpet ampoules consist of :

  • specially made and shaped glass ampoule
  • Bonpet liquid (400 ml)
  • plastic spacers, 
  • metal bearing rosettes (painted or chrome-plated),
  • holder. 

Extra offer

  • protective net.
  • for better stabilization of the ampoule at installation sites where vibrations occur, special stabilizing washers can also be used to reduce vibrations (vessels, work machines, etc.).

How can ampoule prevent a fire? How can it work automatically?

  • In the event of a fire in a closed space, as the temperature in the room increases, the extinguishing liquid, which expands in the glass ampoule, also heats up. 
  • At a temperature of the extinguishing liquid of approx. 85 C +/- 5 C, its expansion causes the glass to shatter, and the liquid falls into the space, where the endothermic process begins. 
  • This causes energy to be taken from the fire or current cooling in the room. As a byproduct of the endothermic reaction, small amounts of nitrogen and carbon dioxide are released, which prevent oxygen from reaching the burning surface. 
  • On the surface of the extinguishing liquid, the undissolved substances of the liquid form a film that prevents re-ignition. 
  • In the event that you are present in the room when the fire breaks out, you can also use the Bonpet ampoule manually by throwing it against the burning surface. The Bonpet ampoule will shatter and instantly smother the fire.

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Technical characteristics

300 × 60 mm
Weight: 1200 g
Volume: enclosed glass ampoule
Content: 600 ml of Bonpet liquid
Operation: automatic
Warranty: 10 years 

Extinguishing effect (volume enclosure): 8m3 surface

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Most fires start in the kitchen…

In the case of kitchen fires Bonpet automatic fire extinguishing ampoules have proven to be a very effective means.

Even a minor inattention is enough when, due to an unexpected phone call, a visit from a neighbor or postman, or a crying child, we momentarily forget that food is cooking on the stove..

A fire can also be caused by a few drops of water falling into a heated pan. The water evaporates in an instant, and this causes an explosion, due to which the oil, dispersed in a mist, spills over the edge of the pan and causes a very violent burning.

Bonpet ampoule is used in apartments and houses:​

  • above the oven
  • above the stove
  • over an induction or glass-ceramic plate
  • where there are potential sources of fire (dryer, air conditioner, boiler, control station...)

Bonpet ampoule is available in several color combinations and aesthetically adapts to both classic and modern kitchens.

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Did you know?

Safety net

The Bonpet ampoule can be protected with a protective net that prevents damage to the glass.


Choose your color

Ampoule is available in many color combinations and in combination with chrome.


Three ways of implementation

Bonpet ampoule works automaticaly, can be thrown in the fire or as mixture with water.


Watch our product demos:

Automatic function

Watch automatic activation of the ampoule..

Electrical cabinet

Ampoule activation in the electrical closet..

Type A fire extinguishing

Type A fire extinguishing (solids)..

Bonpet extinguishing ampoule also exists in a smaller volume version (400 ml of Bonpet liquid) and as such is NOT suitable for extinguishing initial fires in kitchens and boiler rooms! Please note- small ampoule was designed for spaces where space is limited and do not allow the installation of a classic ampoule (smaller server cabinets (approx. 50x50 cm) and installation in ATMs). 

Mini fire extinguishing ampoule

 270 × 43 mm
Weight: 500 g
Volume:  enclosed glass ampoule
Content: 400 ml of Bonpet liquid
Operation: automatic 

Extinguishing effect (volume enclosure): 5m3 surface

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Ensure the safety of your family, property and pets with the Bonpet automatic fire extinguishing ampoule. We recommend using it in: