Easy and safe to use, a fire extinguisher for everyone who likes classic.

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  • Manual use.

  • Indoor and outdoor usage. 

  • Specialy effective against oils and fats (class F).

  • 2-year warranty.

  • 20-years life expectancy, if properly maintaned.

  • Effective against all types of fires (A, B and F).

  • Human and enviromentaly friendly (without halons).

  • Slovenian (EU) product.


Preperations for extinguishing with the Bonpet extinguisher: we release the hose, extract the fuse, press on the release lever, press on lever of the handle, we point the stream of liquid on the source of the fire and move the handle right to left.

Bonpet 2l fire extinguishers are under constant pressure and come without a handle. When the fuse is removed the handle only needs to be pressed for the extinguisher to be activated. It can be clearly seen on the pressure guage..

Each extinguisher has instructions for use, but reading them immediately before use is impossible. Read them now so it's not too late!


Every year after the expiry of two years from the date of purchase.

Available in 2 variants, 2L and 6L.

Watch our product demo:


Bonpet extinguisher vs ABC powder.

6L extinguishing

Bonpet BFE 6L extinguishing test.

2L extingushing "classic"

Bonpet BFE 2L extinguishing test.

Technical cahracteristics

​Fire fighting capability 2L: 8A, 55B, 25F
​Fire fighting capability 6L: 27A, 144B, 75F

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Bonpet 2L extinguisher 

​Dimensions: 375 x 110 mm 

​Weight: 4,0 kg

​Volume: 2L gasilne tekočine Bonpet

​Fire rating: 8A, 55B, 25F


Bonpet 6 L extinguisher

​Dimensions: 580 x 150 mm

​Weight: 10,2 kg

Volume: 6L gasilne tekočine Bonpet

Fire rating: 27A, 144B, 75F


Ensure the safety of your family, property and pets with the Bonpet extinguisher. 

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