Effective product for extinguishing all kinds of initial fires.

Buy Bonpet fire extinguishing spray

Fire extinguishing spray Bonpet is a innovative and universal product, reusable and meant for safety purposes. It is an effective side product for extinguishing fires of classes A, B and F in your home, in the garden, when camping, in the car, etc.



  • Easy and safe to use.

  • No maintenance costs.

  • 2 year life span and 1 year warranty.

  • Effective against all types of fires (A, B and F).

  • Human and enviromentaly friendly (without halons).

  • For multiple use, until empty.

  • Aesthetic look.

  • Slovenian product.

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Way of extinguishing                 

Manually. We remove the safety switch, and we point a sprayer to the way of a fire, while pressing on the handle to extinguish a fire, with the distance of at least 1 meter.

Watch our product demo:



Introducing Bonpet Spray. 


Fire extinguishing 

Extinguishing 13B test. 


5F extinguishing test

Kitchen oil extinguishing.

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Technical characteristics

Dimensions: 300 × 65 mm
Weight: 800 g
Content: 600 ml of Bonpet liquid
Gasilna sposobnost: 5A, 13B, 5F