Aqueos solution that extinguishes, cools and makes repeated ignition impossible.

Made by a unique formula.

Bonpet liquid is a water solution of inorganic salts and organic compounds. Contact of a water solution and a fire causes, that the energy from a fire is used to heat and evaporate water and for endothermic decomposition of chemicals added in fire extinguisher. 

Endothermic reaction and the release of gasses, suppressing fire on its surface. 

The components of Bonpet liquid causes a fast transport of the heat on a chemical part, using water when they get in contact with hot surface. Wet chemicals decompose into gasses (CO2, N2) which suffocate fire directly on burning surface, by preventing fire to get to the oxygen.

The gasses suffocate fire directly on burning surface (intensive cooling and approximately 60-times bigger volume comparing to the size of a drop) due to this relatively small quantity of chemicals is needed to effectively put out a fire.

Bonpet liquid prevents the fire to re-ignite.

Non-decomposed components of Bonpet liquid that remain on the surface after the fire has been extinguished, have the ability to disintegrate and cool the surface, if there is a slight increase of temperature.

Tests have shown:

After conducting standard fire extinguishing tests our results have shown, that only a small amount of Bonpet liquid is necessary to extinguish a fire. The only thing that needs to be done is to coordinate appropriate input of fluid dynamics, which depends on the intensity and the class of the fire. Experiments were carried out on our own and based on our own findings on the effectiveness of extinguishing and according to the requirements of the examiners.

Compared to a gas extinguisher 

By its effectiveness of extinguishing can be compared to extinguishing with gas. The difference is that with Bonpet liquid you do not have to fill up the whole room, just a thin layer of few millimeters above the surface of a fire is enough. While decomposing endothermically, Bonpet liquid takes some 10 times more energy from a burning surface, than gas would. Extinguishing a fire with gas can cause reignition, if the gas runs off too quickly. However, that cannot happen while using Bonpet liquid. 

Compared to a water extinguisher

The amount of water for the same extinguishing effect, is higher when extinguishing with only water, especially because it is really hard to extinguish a fire on a vertical surface. After conducting a series of tests on an A standard fire with 6% of Bonpet liquid solution, our results have shown, that we have used 20-times smaller consumption of wet chemicals than extinguishing with water. This also means, that the collateral damage caused by a fire extinguishing product is smaller when extinguishing with Bonpet liquid.  

Comparison chart of different extinguishing media

*Bonpet liquid can, if not cleaned off for longer time, cause corrosion on non-ferrous metals (copper, brass)..


Aqueous solution

It is an aqueous solution of inorganic salts and organic compounds.

Rapid cooling

Particles in the liquid endothermicly disintegrate and cool the surface.

Effective extinguishing

Effectively extinguishing with a relatively small amount of liquid.

Prevents re-ignition

Non-hazardous gases are released which prevent the surface from re-igniting.