Simple, reliable and uncomplicated way to protect your wealth and property, especially in large open areas threatened by fires. 

Buy Bonpet fixed fire-safety system

Fixed fire-safety system Bonpet uses liquid Bonpet and it was designed as zone fixed fire-safety system, which can be used indoors. It is used to extinguish fires of classes A, B and F. Fixed fire-safety system Bonpet offers not only self-activation but also manual activation for extinguishing a fire. It is suitable for varnishing chambers, transformers (outdoor and indoor), hydraulic generators, vacuum thermoforming plastic machines, warehouses of inflammable fluids, wood industry (filters, etc.), warehouses, tunnels (in testing), etc.



  • Automatic activation.

  • The Bonpet liquid causes damage during extinguishing and it*s to clean after.

  • The Bonpet liquid is enviromentaly and human friendly.

  • With proper maintenance the life expectancy is at least 20 years.

  • Costs of maintenance are signed with a contract..

  • Free consulting and viewing.

  • Slovenian product.

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It works by spraying the fire extinguishing liquid. The installation of pipelines and jets is similar to the ones for water spraying system, the only difference is the quantity of extinguishing. The main purpose when using water spraying system is, that the spraying water enables intervention of firefighters and that is why it has to spray longer. The main purpose of fire extinguishing liquid Bonpet, is to extinguish a fire and because of its effect, the spraying time is shorter (around 20 seconds) and it does not need an irrigation. Because of this extraordinary feature the tank contains relatively small amount of liquid Bonpet (calculated according to an area of extinguishing).


Nitrogen creates pressure in the container with the extinguishing liquid Bonpet. Flow of the extinguishing liquid into the pipeline is suppressed with automated ball valves which are opened by a signal from the fire fighting control centre and thus enable the flow of liquid to the nozzles in the fire extinguishing zones.

Fixed stable sistem with one cone

Fixed stable sistem with one cone for extinguishing one selected area. 

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Fixed stable sistem with multiple 

Our fixed stable sistem can also be configured with multiple cones, to protect different extingusihing areas in one whole application,

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See how it works. 



Fire-fighting simulation

Fixed fire-safety system in action. 


In action

Fixed fire-safety system in action.